Thursday, November 1, 2012


Happy Halloween!

All our kids were super heroes! They all had a blast! Meagan was the Hulk from Marvel, Mac was Green Lantern, and Alyssa and Sydney were both Wonder Woman from DC.

Alyssa did Meagan's hair and green paint, she spent so long trying to take all the green off! Sydney used a costume that she got for Christmas (Who wants to play dress up with a princess dress? Super heroes are much cooler!), that just so happened to be Wonder Woman, one of her favorites.

Mac and Alyssa decided to be super heroes too. They got together with a few of their friends and coordinated so that they could all be the Justice League! They went to the dance and won the costume contest! It was all about the poses! You can't really tell through these pictures, but the top picture is JUST after they heard the news that they won, Josh is still jumping up and down. The bottom picture is right after the ward's Trunk or Treat. The youth were in charge so right after they finished cleaning, they were off to meet Azure, the Supergirl of the group at the dance. They all enjoyed their time at the dance and can't wait to all hang out again!

We also all went out to Chipotle for dinner because they were handing out $2 burritos if you were in costume! It was great! We actually saved over $15 on our family's meal, which is saying something because we don't normally even spend that much if we go out to eat.

Over all, we all had a great Halloween.


Lonita said...

Looks like you guys had a great Halloween - though getting off all that green paint definitely seems a little intimidating!

Krissie said...

Sounds like a fun Halloween!

Kris said...

Didn't even recognize Meagan! I loved the costumes! Tyler usually is a superhero almost every year, but we didn't have any more costumes for him to choose from!

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