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Hey there, Alyssa speaking...well writing. So for those of you who do not know, boys in the LDS church are able to serve a mission at age 18, and girls at 19. This is a huge change that happened just in October of 2012. Before girls had to be 21, and boys had to be 19. Anyways, this news was huge in our family! All of us kids have always wanted to serve a mission when we got older, and with the age change being earlier, it just go that much easier! I actually remember thinking when I was young that girls and boys all had to serve a mission because both my parents did....it wasn't till we moved to Colorado I realized that it was all your choice if you served or not. 
Anyways, my mom and I receive a fees emails from various missionaries. We currently have THREE missionaries from our homeward here in Colorado. The oldest, only has about four months before he gets home, and the letters he writes are extremely fun and energetic. He wants to be a missionary for forever, he said. He is currently serving in California. Then another missionary from our ward went out in October, he is serving in New York and is absolutely loving it. And we have our first Sister Missionary out in Panama! I love reading her e-mails because she sometimes puts in some spanish! And believe it or not, her sister has just turned in her papers to serve a mission too! It is crazy how many missionaries we could have out at the same time, if she goes on her mission before the oldest comes back that would be four missionaries form our ward alone out at the same time! 
Anyways, the Hermana (sister) in Panama said something in one of her e-mails that I would like to pass on. 

 (The picture is of Panama.)


Donna said...

Love her saying.

Urban Parks said...

What a great post. We really appreciate your willingness to follow in your parent's footsteps. It will be a great adventure.

Sydney Allen

Sydney Allen
Where are we off to now daddy??

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